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Donation Based Kava Temple: Sacred Sexuality

Spirit Weavers Gathering, Cave Junction, Oregon

: May 31 - June 4
Moon Session: June 7 - June 11

Kava Temple is a place where we experientially explore Kava and its ability to facilitate healthy communities by gently guiding us into healing conversations. This ceremonial conversation will center around the important role that our sexual energy plays in our spiritual awakening process. In our time together, Erin Rivera Merriman will share the magic of Kava and it’s ability to help us navigate more easily towards personal truth while holding sacred space where all parts of you are welcome. Together we will explore ideas of: how Kundalini energy functions in women versus men, the true meaning of Shakti and how to recognize her in your body and life, your hormones as accelerants for personal evolution, Tantra, vulnerability, new relationship paradigms, authenticity, boundaries, and our sexual identity. Our journey will conclude with guided meditation and group energy alignment with sacred sound.

*Registration for this class constitutes agreement that you are not currently pregnant, nursing, drinking alcohol, or taking any anti-depressant/ anti-convulsant medications. Pregnant women wishing to sit in ceremony but not ingest the Kava are of course welcomed. Kava will be served via vapor inhalation.