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Donation Based Kava Council - All My Relations: A Communication and Relationship Skillshare

Spirit Weavers Gathering, Cave Junction, Oregon

Sun Session: May 31 - June 4
Moon Session: June 7 - June 11

A Sacred Plant Medicine Assisted Communication and Relationship Skill Share Circle

Non Violent Communication or Compassionate Communication is a potent and practical tool for staying at the table of the present moment after we have made up a story about another, long enough to wonder if our story is true or projection, long enough to ask questions, to ask for clarification, to gain true insight into ourselves and another through the inevitable differences and misunderstandings that arise in deeper, more subtle levels of intimate relating like sharing intentional community, long term collaboration, ceremonial space, partnership, or sex. In this 3 hour circle we will work with Kava as a tool for helping us slow down and practice mindfulness in our communications, while exploring Non Violent Communication ( sometimes called NVC or compassionate communication ) and other effective tools for maintaining healthy relationships and communities.

Psychology warns of co-dependance and how it causes us to make our partner our god. Tantra beckons us to acknowledge and worship the goddess in every woman we meet. Direct communication tells us we are responsible for expressing our boundaries and needs with words, while many cultures have highly developed indirect communication styles that rely on a complex set of code words and gestures to communicate, where anyone raised in a different system is considered rude or disrespectful. We live in times where our daily lives bring us into contact with others from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds and that we are not all always speaking the same language. Often we are completely unaware that we are not communicating with one another. If you have ever felt misunderstood, if you find yourself often feeling angry, irritable, isolated, violated or betrayed, or have grown tired of your own judgements of others when they behave differently than you would have behaved, if you have a hard time saying no, a hard time negotiating boundaries and advocating for your own needs at work, in partnership, in collaboration or in the bedroom, join us for All My Relations, a sacred council space where Tantric Wisdom Goddesses and Sacred Plant Medicines intersect to inspire new ways of relating that foster health and longevity in all our relationships.