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Seasonal Re-Birth: A Donation Based Women's Moon Lodge

Join us this Indigenous People’s Day for a moving meditation on The Wheel of the Year, the significance of the season ahead, and the timeless natural women’s magic of rhythms and cycles, movement and stillness, manifestation and surrender. We will enjoy nourishing herbal elixirs for renewal and finding strength to face the blessings and challenges of a new season with courage and curiosity.

Our evening will be guided by myself and my dear sister Golden Drake . For the past year, Golden has been journeying deep in the realms of breast cancer. She has shown us all what it means to stay present and unflinching in the face of adversity and made a great leap toward embodying the bolder aspects of Goddess consciousness that are asking to be known and honored in these times. She is transmuting cancer into educational and liberating art by dancing through it alllll, including  the huge stack of unpaid medical bills Golden stares at every day, as a solo mom with teenagers and a lot of big healing still needed. This community has been amazing with many sisters stepping up to host fundraisers, and, continued support is still very much needed!

And so, 100% of the proceeds from this Women’s Moonlodge will be donated to Golden Drake’s medical bills fund. To register for the Moon Lodge, follow the link in our profile and sign up to make a one time donation of $20 or more or an ongoing donation of $2 or more a month to help Golden pay off her medical bills and rebuild her life after her recent surgeries. Please email a screen shot or email confirmation of your donation to by 11 am on Monday October 1st to receive the address and gain admittance to the event.

Sisters who for any reason can’t make it out to sit in circle with us, and any Brothers out there who would like to stand and be counted as co-creators of this culture of care we are continuously working on weaving, you can click the link below and donate as well- your donations and help sharing this opportunity to contribute are so deeply appreciated!