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Feminine Penetration: Communication Tools for Lovers & Energy Workers


Feminine Penetration:

A 4 week series designed for empaths, energy workers, sex workers, musicians, teachers of lineages that rely on direct transmission, and other professionals for whom it is necessary to energetically penetrate or otherwise enter into others hearts, auras, psychic space, or boundaries in order to do the work. 

Individuals in these professions often possess natural gifts that require the development of specialized understandings of boundaries in order to be healthy in their professional and personal relationships. This is part skill share workshop and part ritual/ channeling circle. We will focus on the personal communication habits of professional boundary transgressors with the intention of deepening our understanding of our gifts, for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and all we encounter on this uniquely intimate path of service.

Participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to our first online meeting  and come to the table ready with a question they are currently facing in their practice or personal life.

We will meet for 4 consecutive wednesdays in January:

1/2/19 11am -1pm PST

1/9/19 11am -1pm PST

1/16/19 11am -1pm PST

1/23/19 11am -1pm PST

In this series, we will explore:

• Who’s space is this, and other important questions for negotiating the subtle realms

• The power of words and sounds to penetrate spaces and move energy

• Self love practice for opening deep acceptance of the sometimes surprising needs of our primal creature.

• Courageous conversations: Using our words to create environments conducive to our needs in healing spaces and in sex spaces (and especially in sexual healing spaces!)

• The roll of our erotic persona and sexual identity

• The relationship between pleasure and responsibility

• Non Violent Communication

• Verbal communication and boundaries skills for empaths and intuitives

• working with precepts, philosophical orientations, or lenses as guides

• working with our emotions, including containment, vulnerability, authentic expression, and conflict mediation

• understanding the way our family of origin experiences affect our perception of reality and proficiency or lack there of in the subtle realms of energy work.

• Working with the chakra system to understand communication breakdowns and awareness of some of the common differences in the ways that people of different genders are socialized to communicate around sex.

• Working with plants to improve our boundary awareness and relationship skills

• non-violent communication with our plant, animal, and other non human ally’s

This is a journey that requires your full participation. We will remain connected to our intentions of growth by reading Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and meditating with herbal allies in between sessions. Participants will receive complimentary tools, practices, and writing prompts and be asked to bring the results of their process to the table each week to be workshopped during our time together.

This workshop will be recorded as a resource for others. If you miss a class, you will receive a recording within 72 hours to listen to before the next time we meet. 

Cultivating your word magic is a lifetime journey. Whether you are new to choosing to develop these skills or you have already taken an introductory workshop in NVC with us, know that each class varies greatly based on the participants, and that this may be a perfect opportunity to receive personal support for any challenges you may have experienced in your learning process, which may enable you to deepen your integration and graceful embodiment of these skills.

The naturally quiet will practice finding the courage to speak. The naturally verbose will learn practices for tasting the fruits of deep listening and silence.

You will receive an email confirming purchase which also confirms your space. You will receive a link within 72 hours of the first scheduled meeting.