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Bridge Temple Grand Re-Openning & Fundraiser for Puerto Rico

We began growing our practice community in our home in Ocean Beach, and have spent the past year focused on building an off the grid dedicated temple space in Descanso, CA, because we feel strongly that this work belongs in nature and that the immersion in nature is the real medicine.

We hope you will join us for an intimate, less formal gathering in celebration of a dream made manifest as reality. We will share Kava*, and ancient guide to establishing and maintaining healthy communities, and a council on the topic of community- what it is, what its not, our hopes and fears, our needs and prayers for this emerging sacred space. All genders welcome. We look forward to connecting with the partners, allies, and friends of our sisterhood.**

Please feel free to bring a drum, flute, maraka or other sacred instrument, warm layers, and a healthy dish to share afterwards.

( * Pregnant and nursing women, and those taking prescription anti-depressant/ anti- convulsant and related prescription medications are advised to refrain from injesting Kava, and are welcomed instead to come and connect with the medicine in spirit. **Yes, we will continue to hold women’s only spaces in the future because there is a lot of really detailed knowledge of how energy moves in the feminine vessel that is evident when we can be together around the explicit intention of experiencing what we share in common as women, but for our first public circle, we would like to seed a future in which men and women have places where they can go to learn together. )

All ticket sales and donations collected in exchange for tea, snacks, and other offerings will be donated to rebuilding communities in Puerto Rico, where much of my extended blood family resides and faces daily hardship in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.