Go with your flow

Go with Your Flow. Attempting to go with “The Flow” can lead us to self sacrifice and martyrdom. Going with your own flow is an act of self love!

We have some exciting news! Nadine Lee of www.tantricalchemy.net has generously donated moon cups and ritual chalices to our monthly women's moon lodge, in support of women everywhere deepening their relationship to their monthly cycle and connecting to their holy blood as the thread that bonds us deeply to earth, the moon, and all women everywhere, past, present, and future…These bonds, among other things, support us in getting free and staying free of harmful cultural agreements and myths that don’t serve us! So what am I really saying here? I’m saying that anyone who registers for one of our next 4 moon lodges will be entered to win a Tantric Alchemy Moon Cup, which is simultaneously an eco-friendly reusable silicon menstrual collection product and sacred ritual tool that allows women to collect their blood and offer it back to the earth in gratitude, as the ancients once did…


Already use a moon cup? Follow the link below to take the hilarious online quiz “How Gnar are Your Menstrual Cup Habits” ( We got "You are so Gnarly" Best compliment ever!)