4 True Things I learned from TV Growing Up

I think most of us have been thinking a lot about how to create the kind of widespread change of heart that is needed in order to continue to live on this planet, like what really really works, and I am surprised to find that the answer I keep getting is art and culture in general, but specifically TV and Movies, mediums I will be honest and say I have historically tended to dismiss. And the more I think about this, the more I am becoming aware of just how many of my beliefs around wether or not  it is possible to be myself came from the visionary storytellers of the 80’s, and feeling that in a strange way, those myths are as much my parents as the people who gave birth to me!  So Here it is, my homage to what I value about what I internalized from the TV and Movies of my childhood, in no particular order:


1. The Little Mermaid

That it is perfectly plausible that your destiny will be fulfilled by becoming a completely different species, That giving up your voice for a man is a bad, bad idea, so don't let anyone sell you on the idea that your self expression is not that important, That often when a woman decides she simply must follow her desires, that the situation has to get really really bad for a while, like you naively empower dark forces that almost destroy your entire family and species, in order to break on through to the other side, prove how serious you are about needing this transformation in order to be happy, and stay strong in your truth while everyone grieves and works through their resistance, but in the end they will accept your choice and let you go with love and maybe even the understanding that if they had just supported you from the beginning, all of this drama could have been avoided.

2. Augra, the Oracle from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal:

That sometimes beings emerge  into an ecosystem where they are the only one of their kind, that someone with a voice must speak for the elements, and that you can of course  be simultaneously bestial, gross, and totally adorable.

3. Star Trek The Next Generation:

That when intergalactic ambassador healers finally do take a day off, they want to dress real weird, exercise with their girlfriends, who are of course other healers, and talk about sex, That aliens are mostly more evolved than us and contact should be considered a benefit to our process, that accomplished mediums who are highly emotional and sensitive to the emotions of others will be considered extremely valuable to any leader and given a seat of honor and a voice of authority in the governing body of any group, and that this role would be so honored that you would always have your perspective heard and considered by the captain, and even get a permission to wear a special, much cooler, much sexier outfit than everyone else in the entire group…

4. Total Recall

That giving yourself permission to explore your fantasies will lead you on a journey that reveals to you who you really are, and that there are in fact men out there who’s dream girl is a mestizo alien prostitute who will join forces with them to save the planet from environmental crisis.

…How about you, I would be so curious to hear what stories made you who you are!