Everything Is Medicine




I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most talented artists I have had the pleasure of meeting for the cover of our new summer 2014 mix CD.  Containing music from brothers and sisters, friends new and old, and those I have yet to meet in this lifetime, it is a genuine offering from my heart to yours- some sweet medicine for your earth walk! Free with purchase to the first 25 women to visit our booth at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

                                           1. Song Yet To Be Sung • Perry Farrell
                                                        2. True Colors • Abuela
                                                    When I Grow Up • Fever Ray
                                                           4. Be A Body • Grimes
                                                               5. Sun • Cat Power
                                  6. ‘Til I Whisper U Something • Sinead O’Connor
                                                        7. Purple Dream • Seequill
                                                           8. Torture • Luis Mojica
                                                    9. Wicked Rule • Living Sacrifice
                                                10. Rainbow in the Night • Santiparro
                                               11. Hey Mama Wolf • Devendra Banhart
                                                         12. The Wind • Cat Stevens
                                                       13. The Will to Grow • Ben Lee