Our Lughnasadh (midsummer) celebration is one of culmination, graduation, and initiation, where participants in our year long Medicine Mandala Apprenticeship each take turns presenting a project, medicine, or experience to the group that represents their experience in the program. Sensual Day Dreaming violet flower essence was created by 2019 apprentice Emily, and is intended to be enjoyed as a self care practice/ meditation in conjunction with the following audio recording, an invitation into our sensitive, sensory, sensual intelligence through sound.

A note from the creator in her own words:

INTRODUCTION: Over the past year of my Medicine Mandala apprenticeship, I’ve worked intimately with my plant ally Violet, who comes through my French Ancestry and who has been my oldest plant ally in this lifetime... laying in a field of violets at the age of 4 being my first conscious transpersonal experience. Violets spoke to me then and speak to me now about becoming ever more embodied, inviting me to really beeee in my senses and to enjoy the richness of allll that is here. Violets have helped me to experience my body as a portal between the worlds of Spirit and Flesh. I have found that ceremony is possible everyday through being in my body, attuned to my senses. My medicine offering titled Sensual Day Dreaming with Violet is an invitation from both Violet and me ~ to experience your senses. With Violet's guidance, I've been recording for six months with a sound recorder the sensual sounds of my life to bring to you this experience today. In a world where we can be overloaded, distracted, numb to, tuned out and cautioned away from our senses by all sorts of factors, this experience is meant to be a balm and a pathway back in. I am the sound creator and collector, while my friend and experimental sound musician Neville Harson shaped and assembled my sounds into this sound collage with my direction and intention. I’m gifting you this bottle of Violet Flower Essence that I made with this Spring's (2019) Violets from my yard in Colorado, French brandy and fresh water. Get comfortable lying down or sitting up, ingest a few drops of the Violet Flower Essence if you choose to and/or anoint your body with it and come to a place of stillness and press play on the sound experience of Sensual Day Dreaming with Violet. Let yourself bathe in the sensuality of being:

ENDING: Take a few deep breaths now and remember that as you are now opening your eyes, sitting up and moving throughout the world, this invitation does not end but indeed it continues.

With Love, Emily

Emily Duhaime



Serving Size: 1-4 drops

Ingredients: Violet flower essence, (violets, water) french brandy