( Ocimum tenuiflorum)

Invocation/ Invitation: “ Tulasi, Tulsi, Holy Basil, we invite thee. Tulsi, Beloved of all who meet you, she who never leaves the divine abode of pure presence. We see you, emerging into this world of form with delicate green leaves and deep purple flowers, and we see you dancing in the space beyond form, surrounded by your thousands of devoted attendants and indeed the whole universe worships you, as you are the sanctifier of our worldly experience, reliever of burdens, renewer of souls. You are the very essence of all flowers, effectively delivering the joy of purpose to all. We take shelter in your presence, bowing to your insight, surrendering to your incomparable experience.”

Tulsi is a beloved, sacred, and common plant worshipped throughout India as an earthly manifestation of the Hindu/ Tantric goddess Lakshmi and grown in the courtyards of many a traditional Hindu Household.

About our Green Queen

Tulsi Soda Syrup

Ingredients: Tulsi Tincture made with Tulsi locally grown at Wild Willow Farm and extracted in vodka for 6 weeks. Local wildflower honey. Mixture is heated to evaporate 1/3 of the alcohol. Not suitable for those with alcohol sensitivities.

Serving Recommendations: Our Tulsi Syrup is imagined as a potent herbal flavored sweetener. Add a dash to your soda water for a (mostly) non-alcoholic cocktail, or to smoothies and other teas for an element of palate stimulating complexity.