Name: Sessann Orne

Occupation: Leather Crafter

Aspiration? Doing leather work full time was a dream in itself, so to be able to explore this craft on a regular basis is truly a blessing. I feel incredibly grateful and try to remain in the present with this life that I have. It would be a dream to have another set of hands to help move this business adventure into the future. I would also like to try my hand at some apparel pieces and learn metalsmithing, so I can incorporate different textural aspects into my leather work.

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you? I am a total hermit. I love being at home more than anywhere else. My companions most days are my dogs, my cats, and the wild animals that inhabit this place. My living situation reflects my need for solitude. I live in a very remote area in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, off of the grid in an Earthship.

Who are your Favorite Designers and Artists: I worked in a retail/corporate setting for 13 years, so fashion was a big part of my work life and a constant inspiration. I look at fashion as an art form rather than something trend-based. I have admired Alexander McQueen for as long as I can remember. He was a true visionary and showman.

I am also deeply inspired by the artists around me. There is quite an amazing group of woman out there that are making incredible work in all mediums;jewelry making, textile work, photography, food, healing, and in how they live their lives. All of these women are bringing back traditional skills and crafts. They are elevating and reinventing these crafts, and redefining what art means. They are living as one with the earth, and healing themselves and others. They are exploring who they are through their work and sharing their processes. It is a great time for woman artists.

What are your favorite albums to listen to when you’re working?

I tend to listen to a lot of audio books while I am working, which is great company. We don’t have TV, so I also listen to public radio instead of watching the news. My demeanor is quite calm and quiet most of time, so for inspiration and energy, I am really entranced by psych rock and the new folk rock movement: The Entrance Band, Black Mountain, Rllrbll, Camel Heads, Witchcraft, Pink Mountaintops, Skygreen Leopards, The Black Angels, Phosphorescent, White Magic, Headdress, Lightning Dust, The Tallest Man on Earth, just to name a few. Of course I love a lot of bands from the 60s as well...T.Rex, The 13th Floor Elevators, Neu!, etc.

We love that you sew each piece yourself. What’s your favorite way to celebrate/ recover from completing a large order? As a Capricorn, I am a bit of a workaholic, plus I am running a one-woman show, so there isn’t much down time. Large orders require a very methodical process which I enjoy in its own right, so my way of celebrating is to create something new, exploring my creativity without the rules that processing batch orders can have. It is a completely different experience when you are experimenting. I am never sure what the end result will be, but that’s always exciting. 

What do you like most about where you live? The complete and utter peace. You can really feel the history here. This land has a really intoxicating and powerful energy. The few neighbors I do have are miles away, so I really get to experience nature and the land on a very intrinsic level. Observing and protecting the birds that nest in our eaves in the spring, tending to the indoor and outdoor garden, experiencing the changing of the seasons, the light, and the sky- It’s all a very visceral experience. I am incredibly connected to it all on a very emotional and physical level.It can also be a very challenging environment. The temperatures can swing from -40 in the winter to 100 in the summer. Mother nature dictates everything out here, so you really have to surrender to her will. It is a blessed practice to constantly be reminded that there are powers greater than yourself. Being here in the middle of nowhere, away from the city, helps ground me daily. It is a lesson in trusting the Universe and that it always provides what is needed, when it is needed.

Favorite article of clothing? I have several treasured vintage pieces that I could never part with. My favorite may be a vintage gauze patchwork print Indian maxi dress, along with several other vintage kaftans and embroidered pieces. I also really treasure an old beaten up Zildjian t-shirt my boyfriend handed down to me.

Most Significant Piece of Jewelry You Own and Why? That is a tough one. I have been fortunate enough to acquire several incredible pieces from woman artist friends. I also cherish my very slow growing silver and turquoise collection. 

Any good dreams lately? I often have snake dreams. Snake medicine is strong and calls to me often in my dreams, and in my life. I am currently working on more pieces exploring that theme.

Dream collaboration? I had the honor of working with Bruno Borges of Penabranca on the first real lookbook for Three Arrows. I had been a fan and friend for years and it was such a dream to have him bring the lookbook to life. He is an incredible talent in art and music.

Do you have any exciting projects in the works? Ana Saldana, of Rejoice The Hands and I plan on doing a small capsule collection together. She does incredible southwestern and indigenous inspired metal and precious stone work, and I am very excited by the possibilities.

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