Steamy Chick

Name: Keli Garza

Location: San Pedro, California

Occupation: Women's Health Researcher, Owner of Steamy Chick

How long have you been preaching the gospel of Vaginal Steam Therapy ( V-Steaming)? 

Preaching the goodness for three years, using it myself for six.

How did you become so knowledgeable on the subject?

I have worked with over 150 women using steam therapy to address various women's health concerns. Using my background in research, I have each client do intake and follow-up quizzes recording her body signs before and after steaming. It's been easy to crunch the data and see the amazing effects and the best treatment methods.  

Why practice v-steaming?

It empowers women to have autonomy over their own gynecological well-being and treats just about every problem known to gynecology. It's also a very effective prevention tool.   It's the ultimate survival guide to being a woman.

What’s the most miraculous healing you have seen as a result of V-Steaming?

There are too many to choose from! One of my clients called me one day and said that her fibroid had just fallen out in the toilet. The next day she said another one came out while she was showering. She had steamed for two weeks in a row. 

A woman's period went from 9 days of heavy bleeding to 4 days of medium flow after just three steam therapy treatments prior to her period.

A woman who had never had sex without pain despite using lots of lubricant and following other suggestions now has painless sex by doing a vaginal steam prior to sex. 

A woman whose period had not returned in over six months after the second of two miscarriages got her period back after five consecutive days of steaming. She conceived again several months later and carried the baby to term. 

A woman who had two failed IVF attempts used vaginal steaming prior to her third attempt clearing out all kinds of black old residue. Her third IVF attempt was successful.

A woman who has severe uterine scarring as a result of fibroid surgery has been told by doctors that she won't be able to carry a child. She has been vaginal steaming for one month and the scar tissue is falling out.

A woman with a watermelon-sized fibroid was not able to stand up straight due to the pain. After one steam therapy treatment she was pain free. After using it for a year, the fibroid has shrunk to the size of a grapefruit and she has lost 40 pounds. 

A woman who has had debilitating menstrual cramps her entire life no longer experiences any cramping during her periods. 

A woman who gave vaginal birth to a ten pound baby has a vagina as tight as it was prior to birth.  

A woman with over ten years of chronic bacterial vaginosis was able to clear up an infection after a couple steam treatments. She does a steam therapy treatment once a week and has not had an infection since. 

Honestly, there are so many more. Steam therapy resolves a lot of issues that gynecologists don't have solutions for. That's probably why it's been practiced for so long by women all over the entire world.

I see the word Yoni ( the sanskrint word for vagina) is becoming more popular. Yoni actually means sacred temple. I think because of this, we will see more and more women making the connection,that they carry a scared ritual space within their body. New moon gatherings are helping women remember this as well- that their body is already participating in this ritual governed by the moon that we call menstruation.  It seems like V-steaming would be an ideal modality for preparing our inner ritual space when wanting to do more intentional magic there, or for clearing the space after ritual, in much the same way we would burn sage or palo santo or copal to help create and maintain sacred space. Do you get into the esoteric side of Yoni Clearing?

Yes! I rest for four days when I have my period. I see it as a time of purification and resting. On the fifth day I do a steam to conclude my resting time and get back to normal life. It has become a significant ritual for me. 

On a heavier note it is a powerful tool to overcome sexual trauma. I was raped when I was 20 years old. Until I started the practice of vaginal steaming over ten years later I never felt like my body was clean from that violation. 
Wow- Thank you for speaking about this. It seems like such a gentle way of reconnecting and reclaiming that could be really powerful for so many people!

Are your children interested in your work? What do they think about what you do?

My three year old daughter is my executive assistant. She helps me with EVERYTHING whether I want her to or not. Lately, she's been helping me get my shipments ready by drawing pictures on the boxes. My infant daughter is only six months and she would like more than anything to be my secretary. She has been waking up at night to help me with my computer work by beating on the keyboard while making gleeful high-pitched noises. #mompreneur

Are there herbs you might recommend for clearing our Yoni space before or after ritual (whether the ritual of menstruation or say sex magic?)

White sage, clary sage, lavender, rose petals, mint....those are some of my favorites for purification.  

Have you had any good dreams lately?

I haven't been getting into deep sleep waking up to nurse several times a night. But I feel love like no other having two daughters on either side of me while I sleep. 

Any other projects that we can look forward to in 2016?

I recently partnered with spiritual womb healer Marcia Lopez to form the Steam Healing Institute. We are now offering courses to certify v-steam practitioners. The courses train participants how to create custom steam treatment plans to address various situations, which herbs to use and how to address sexual trauma. 

Chick Food Inc, the parent company for the Steamy Chick brand, recently released an herbal hot cereal designed for women to eat during their period. It reduces bloating, cramps, headaches, dizziness and other uncomfortable period signs. 

We're going to be releasing our Chick Calendar app (currently available on google play for android devices) on iPhone as well!


Keli will be joining us as a guest teacher at Bridge Temple with her workshop: 

Yoni Steaming, The Original Women’s Health Modality