SSG018 Durga Meditation, Chandi Path and the Practice of Tantra with Laura Amazzone


In this Episode we are joined for the second time by teacher, yogini, priestess and Goddess scholar Laura Amazzone. Laura is the author of the book, "Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power," and has published numerous articles in academic journals and anthologies in the fields of Tantrism, Hinduism and Women’s Spirituality. She has also contributed entries to the Encyclopedia on Hinduism and the Encyclopedia of Goddessses of World Culture. 

Laura teaches in the Yoga and Philosophy program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, online at Mystery School of the Goddess and privately, offering classes, rituals, and workshops on the Goddesses, history and ritual practices of the Kaula, Shakta and Sri Vidya traditions into which she has been initiated.

In this episode, we dedicate the first 1/3 of the episode time to sharing a full Goddess Durga Vizualization practice that you can tune in with any time you feel a need to call in a protective, loving aspect of the divine mother. We also explore:

• The animist roots of traditional Tantra, stone circles and faerie rings and cultural sensitivity 

• Why Tantra is sometimes called a path of paradox and adversity and the importance of going deep and staying the course when our practice asks us to look at our shadow. 

• Experiencing a power that can’t be given away, can’t be taken away, can’t be lost or stolen

• Why and how we practice, and the benefit of the Kula (dedicated practice group)

And more. To learn more about Laura’s offerings, please visit

Music in this episode:

Devi Ma by Mother Medicine

The Universe Strand by Santiparro