SSG014 Trust, Safety, Self Responsibility and Emotional Mastery- With Luna Love

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For episode numbered 14, we are joined by women's leadership mentor Luna Love. Luna assists those called to be change makers in achieving clear vision for their lives by providing supportive, life promoting experiences, practical tools, and spiritual wisdom to align ones divine essence, authentic expression, and life purpose through the power of self awareness and love.


In this episode we explore:

• Self care for the professional care provider

• What self responsibility looks like and how self responsibility transforms our emotions and increases our capacity for both sexual and emotional intimacy

• Demystifying our emotions including:

- What emotions are and when, how, and why to fully feel them

- The connection between our feelings and the seasons

- An exploration of the immense value of depression,  grief, and loss

To learn more about our guest Luna Love, you can listen to her podcast Ladies Who Lead or explore her other offerings at

Musical enhancement for this episode includes The Hunter and History of Touches by Bjork (prevailing Queen of creative, liberated, unconditional open heart conciousness )