SSG006 Psychedelic Grief and Queer Plant Tantra- with Sophia Rose

For Episode number 6 we are joined by Sophia Rose, the master herbalist at the helm of the nomadic apothecary “La Abeja Herbs. Through La Abeja, Sophia creates potent and inspired wild medicines and apothecary goods, holds space for herbal wellness consultations, and teaches classes on topics including women's medicine, folk herbalism, and wild foods. In this episode we explore:


• Ocatillo for Womb Clearing

• The direct correlation between grief and orgasm

• Queer Medicine People- Can plant medicine make you queer? 

To learn more about Sophia's  travels, classes, herbal products, and more, visit her at:

To read " Love Dreams" (The poem read aloud at the end of the episode) visit:

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Musical enhancement In this Episode includes Whispers, from the album “The Code of The Flowers” by Ayla Nereo, above photo of Sophia by Jonah Welch