SSG002 Empath Survival, Ancestor Worship, and Becoming a Vessel for Love-with Arzu Mountain Spirit

In this episode, we are joined by one of my first guides on my path of plant spirit healing, Garifuna elder Arzu Mountain Spirit. Arzu is a traditional healer, writer, life coach, and international presenter on the subject of Garifuna spirituality, healing methods, and medicinal plants. In addition to maintaining her healing practice in Belize, she is also the founder of the Wagiya Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Garifuna healing ways and spiritual traditions. In this episode we will explore:

• Garifuna History, Culture, and Spirituality
• Empath Survival Tips
• Things we wanted to ask elders about sexuality when we were growing up but where too embarrassed to ask

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Musical enhancement for this episode: "Baba" + " Gaganbadiba" by Andy Palacio