Kava Council is a place where we experientially explore vaporized Kava and its ability to facilitate healthy communities by gently guiding us into healing conversations. This ritualized conversation will center around the important role that our sexual energy plays in our spiritual awakening process.  In our time together, Erin Rivera Merriman will share the magic of Kava and it's ability to help us navigate more easily towards personal truth while holding sacred space where all parts of you are welcome. Each circle is different. Together we will explore ideas such as: how Kundalini energy functions in women versus men, the true meaning of Shakti and how to recognize her in your body and life,  your hormones as accelerants for personal evolution, Tantra, vulnerability, new relationship paradigms, authenticity, boundaries, and our sexual identity. Our journey will conclude with guided meditation and group second chakra energy clearing with sacred sound.



"I had no idea what to expect from the kava ceremony, my only previous experience with kava being when my mom bought me the tincture after I had an anxiety attack 15 years ago. I didn't feel much of an effect then. But immediately after vaporizing kava, while sitting in ceremony with women who's voices were blending together so beautifully, I had a vision of exactly what was needed in my life and cried the sweetest tears of release and joy. Once everyone had taken the kava and the singing was over, the sharing portion of the ceremony began. I felt so connected to each woman who spoke, finding myself in everything that was shared, no matter how seemingly far away from my individual reality it was. I felt relaxed, alert, connected, loving, and loved." - Amber

" Last night my dear husband was curious about our kava experience; which opened up into a beautiful, heart felt dialogue about our sexuality. We spoke of my desires, my fanatsies, my fears, as well as his own. We had an honest conversation about the allusiveness of my orgasms. He was genuine and present and gentle and I was courageous yet soft. It all culminated in a deeply open and intimate night with him and I know it is a direct result of the empowering work I've been doing through out these past several weeks with you. Thank you. Thank you for all of it. The karma clearing, the dream work, the sexual empowerment, the plant wisdom, the friendship, the sisterhood. Each piece is enriching my experience and embodiment. I'm deeply grateful!" - Mandy

"…After we consumed the Kava, each woman held her chosen instrument and we began chanting… an epic jam session ensued. For me, it was very experiential and primal. As I drummed, I felt the vibrations from the drum feed into my body in what felt like a natural feedback loop; these vibrations were undoubtedly part of the guidance system moving my hands. The intimate dance between Shakti and Kava in my body was marked by heat, oneness with the drum and the fertile void through which I was lifted into a light trance. A couple of times I suddenly became self-conscious of my drumming, wondering if it was too abrasive or just not “right.” Both times I instantly and firmly received Kava’s message that this is me, that my drumming is raw expression from the purest source, and that it’s therefore good. Indeed, and in large part because Kava calms the nervous system and gets us out of our own way on a deeply embedded physical level, I felt like a channel… that holy merging of self with source, from which the most unique gifts are born…” -Sheerlie


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 Interested in bringing Kava Council to your school, festival, or women's circle? Email us! 15 women and a plane ticket is all it takes to make it happen!


Explore Sacred Sexuality


We have such an amazing time getting to be a part of different communities for the evening and sharing intimate ceremonial space. Each Kava Council is different, and we always come away with such an appreciation of how different the journey is for everyone, and how those who are single, those who are exploring polyamory, those seeking monogamous relationship and those who are interested in exploring within the context of an existing relationship each represent a different group of needs, wants, and pathways. Feeling stuck or unsure of the next step? Guided Journey's with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman can facilitate emotional processing and the releasing of any past experiences or blocks that may be interfering with your natural creative/ sexual expression.



*Banner and thumbnail photos by Jamie Street