Adornment for Temples of Brick and Bone


ACF is committed to exploring new ways of doing business. All of the products currently in our store represent co-creation at it’s finest. Basically, that means that someone had a good idea, and thought “You know what would make this even more fun? Sharing this idea with other creatives and seeing how we might be changed or improved by the process.” Co-creation is an intimate, relational, ego dissolving, and fun way to manifest vision into reality.







This fall for our classes we wanted to get back to our roots in elemental magic, revisiting the importance of tuning in with the 5 elements as the building blocks for all of life on planet earth. To celebrate the seasons completion, we teamed up with graphic artist Bruno Borges to create our newest collection of 5 rings- one for each of the 5 elements! Read more about bruno here or shop the collection below!




Creatures of the Deep

A new collaboration with

Active Culture Family + Elena Stonaker


Our Second collaboration with Los Angeles based multi-media artist Elena Stonaker brings the mythical creatures that inhabit the surreal landscapes of her paintings and soft sculptures to life as precious wearables. Click Here to read more about Elena. Or click left to order your own limited edition pendant now.

Past Collections

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