Adina Mills

Name: Adina Mills

Occupation: Artists/Designer

Astrological Sign: Aries

Favorite Designers (or artists): There are too many to name, but some of the big ones that I love are: Georgia O'Keefe, Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, Native American Art in general, Art Nouveau and Art deco periods!

Favorite thing about being on earth at this time? Connecting with the others that are here at the same time, especially my love, Miles

Who are three women you admire and why?Diana Vreeland, Martha Graham, and Anna Halprin, they are all incredibly strong, soulful women, that created art totally outside the box and completely from their creative souls... SOOOO inspiring!!

             One of a kind Peace Portal collaboration by Erin of Active Culture Family + Adina Mills

             One of a kind Peace Portal collaboration by Erin of Active Culture Family + Adina Mills

Favorite albums to listen to in the studio right now? On most days I listen to live streaming of L.A's KCRW and Austin's I Heart Austin, but I also play Polica, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Ben Howard, and Brandi Carlisle on repeat

Read any good books lately? The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank (it's fiction, and not literally about hunting and fishing ;)

What inspires you/ what do you think about when you are working? I am completely inspired by nature, with many added components (ie, graffiti, architecture, art nouveau, art deco...) And I actually end up not thinking too much while I work, it's more of a meditation time for me

We got excited when we learned that you were living in a motor home, traveling around the country making crystal art- is this still true? It seems to defy the story that in order to run a business, you need to stay in one place and have a lot of space! 

It is true!  we've been motorhomin' it for four years now, wow!  I am extremely lucky that the medium I work with does not require large tools and machinery so I am able to set up shop wherever we plant ourselves.  As amazing as this lifestyle is, we are looking to have a more permanent nesting spot so that I can work out of a studio space again and continue to cultivate my art in even more directions!  we are looking in the Yucca Valley/Joshua tree area, and have high hopes of creating a small ecovillage and possible artist collective out there in the high desert, will keep you posted!

What is your favorite article of clothing and why? my red satin Japanese embroidered kimono... even though it doesn't get worn much out on the road, it still makes me smile whenever I open up my tiny motorhome closet ;)

Any good dreams lately?

I recently dreamt that my sister's husband, Jovan, (who is Jamaican and currently lives in Jamaica) received his documentation to come over to the states to be with my sis in New York, and there was so much excitement and celebration in the dream...

Literally the next morning my sister called to tell me the good news - that they had received word that Jovan's paperwork went through!!  It was so exciting and so trippy!!!!!!! :)

What’s next for AMDH?

Settle back into a home and studio, start busting out large scale works again, continue growing my biz in the organic fashion I have been doing for the last ten years, and maybe have a little storefront some day...

Adina and Erin collaborated on the above wall hanging for Peace river, an art show featuring all collaborative wall art that raised money to benefit BAY NVC, AN ORGANIZATION THAT TEACHES NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION TO UNDERSERVED POPULATIONS. Click Here to view the Peace River Collection


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