Jetter Green

Occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer / Visionary Artist

Aspiration? (What do you want to be when you grow up?)

I want to be a dad and a creator of large sacred art thats seemlessly intertwined with nature.

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you?

I make solo dance party videos, they are online for your enjoyment... more to come!

Favorite Designers (or artists):

Teddy Pancake, Zanis Waldheims & MC Escher

Favorite albums to listen to when you’re working?

Out Hud, Bluetech & Peter Gabriel 'Passion'

We love the way your home attracts like minded people from all over the west coast-tell us more about your vision for Verde Ranch?

"The Present" one of a kind wall hanging by Active Culture Family + Jetter Green

"The Present" one of a kind wall hanging by Active Culture Family + Jetter Green

Our space has opened up so many new pathways for us that we could have never imagined. We have really been exploring the philosophy of Permaculture through other friends in the community and it is something we love to put into place on the ranch. Were also looking at building more dwellings to expand the life on the land. At some point we'd love to get more animals too. Currently we have a nice veggie garden and a dozen fruit trees, but all in all, we want to create a food forrest-a place where paths are never ending, and you are surrounded by live food. This would be somewhere we can take our children and pick fruit and berries along the way, creating an abundant system of flourishing life and opportunity. 

Most Significant Piece of Jewelry You Own and Why?

Ooooh that an interesting one. I don't own much jewelry, but of the few pieces I have, I'd have to say my papas raw chunky gold nugget ring. I don't wear it, but it sits in my night stand as a token of love. I remember him wearing it when I was a young boy and I always remember being in awe of it. It is such a non-traditional style, with a very natural organic shape, and so big that it made a statement. It is something I will always keep and treasure. 

Any good dreams lately?

I have been been dreaming a lot lately… and this is a new thing for me. I recently did a Lucid dream ceremony at Burning Man, and ever since my dreams are becoming more and more clear, and vivid. I had one last night were I was dancing super hard in the desert around dusk with a few hundred people. In the middle of the dusty dance floor was the massive blue light column perpendicular to the ground going up as far as the eye can see. No one thought anything of it until my friend T-love did his clap/slap/stomp dance that he famous for, and all of the sudden he was floating up the beam of light into the sky. It was as if his dance pattern was the secret code to get taken up. Everyone was cheering for him as he disappeared from our sights. I turned to a friend and gave him a strong hug, and said, "we are going home!!!" which led to streaming tears of joy. We tried to do the dance pattern our friend did to get pulled into the light too, but we couldn't remember it…. then I woke up. It was pretty wild, but felt so good to experience. I'm ready for more!!!

We love the unexpected places your work pops up- what projects have you been most excited about this year?

Ah thank you, it has been so fun too witness this too. I have been a part of a few big projects this year so far!

One of the biggest just recently launched. I am one of 25 other artists featured in a 250 page 'Juxtapose Psychedelic Art Book'. My work is featured along side some pretty incredible artist from around the world. Im truly honored and grateful to be in this book.

In March 2014 I had an art show with my close friend 'Teddy Pancake' at Vis-u-al in San Diego. It was a space inspired theme show where we both showed brand new art created primarily for this event. We also did a large collaborative piece that was auctioned off, and the proceeds went to the Space Camp in Idyllwild, Ca. 

Recently, I have teamed up with Tend Living and JXL Studio to create a space called The Platform in Little Italy (San Diego) where we showcase one of a kind art pieces and bring in other local artist (such as yourself!) to show their art as well. The Platform has been a really eye opening and inspiring process for me. My dear friend Brit of Tend Living has really turned this place into a dreamy masterpiece. From large format printed art, to jewelry, to plants, to furniture, there is something there for everyone to appreciate. 

The above collaboration was part of "Peace River" a group show that opened at

The Platform in San Diego, CA.Click here to view the complete collection.

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