Name: Rhiannon Marie Griego

Occupation: Jewelry Designer and Fiber Artist 

Location: Oakland, CA
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be my own version of  Indiana Jones. I'm fascinated by ancient architecture and  anthropology. I still aspire to work with a historical society preserving architecture and breathing new life into these magnificent structures. 
 Favorite Designers and Artists? Ann Demeulemeester, Aurelia Munoz, Folk Art from around the world, traditional weavers and silver smiths, awaveawake, Native Line, Carol Thum- Neilson,Harpa Einarsdottir
Favorite albums to listen to in the studio right now? 
Jj Cale and Pink Floyd's Echoes are always on! Alina Hardin, Chelsea Wolfe , Fela Kuti, Alice Coltrane, Black Mountain, Claro Intelecto, Neil Young, Jonathon Wilson, Toumani Diabete are also always close at hand. 

What are you reading these days/ other inspirations? 

A Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck,  Tom Browns field guide to wilderness survival, Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne. Between jewelry production, weaving and exploring new mediums, my reading time has been very limited so I've become addicted to audio books. Joe Dispenza has been blowing my mind and I always enjoy listening to the teachings of the Dalai Lama... 

                               Active Culture Family + Ghost Dancer collaborative wall hanging

                               Active Culture Family + Ghost Dancer collaborative wall hanging

We love how meticulous your pieces are- Tell us how you started beading. How long does a typical piece take to finish?  It must have been a roadtrip  with my grandfather to Arizona when I was younger that opened the door to beadwork. I fell in love with the vibrant, minute, details. Then began a love of traditional ways and traditional prayers made into adornment. I found myself at a crossroads, wanting to design something equally potent as the native pieces I loved, but different, so it never crossed over into the market of traditional beadwork. A typical piece takes between 3-6 hours. The longest endeavor so far has clocked in at 90 hours and is part of a body of work that hasn't been released yet. 

What is the most Significant Piece of Jewelry You Own and Why? 
I'm very attached to every piece that I make, as each one comes through my spirit and hands, and tells a unique story. I also recently acquired a mesmerzing 1950's turquoise ring with a 3 dimensional sterling jaguar on it. I dreamt of owning this piece for 2 years after seeing it on my first trip to Taos. I returned to New Mexico this fall and low and behold, it was still there in the store waiting for me!

 What's your favorite thing about west coast living? There is an ease that's as bright as the sun. I do miss New York often.

We love seeing you show more of your other art lately, especially your weavings. What’s next for Ghost Dancer? Our commitment is to evolve in mystery; the journey just keeps getting better. I am absolutely mad about weaving, ceramics, sterling, rose gold and black diamonds. I'll let you dream about those materials telling a new story.







Learn more about Ghost Dancer at www.ghostdancercollection.com