In a Forest Oracle Reading, we meet on a blanket in our cliffside temple space or, circumstance permitting, in the golden grass, under  the shade of the tall trees to set down our small stories and open a bridge between the dimensions. We converse directly with your highest self, and a wide variety of benevolent beings from ancestors to elemental, plant, animal spirits and more (It's different for everybody!) to receive timely, timeless information to assist you in remembering your true nature and meeting current life circumstances with courage and confidence.

Again, each session is different depending on the needs of the individual, but frequently will include:

• answers to your most urgent questions

• increased visibility into symbols, colors, numbers, practices, traditions and places of soul significance

•soul retrieval

• soul contract re-negotiation

• relevant training in 4th and 5th dimensional awareness and communication

• refining and amplifying of your essence through gentle energy work.

Forest Oracle readings and attunements take place outdoors whenever possible, and in our mountain temple as weather may require, allowing the land to assist in integrating vibrational upgrades by marrying your experience to familiar and comforting elements of the natural world.


Forest Oracle sessions require advanced booking and currently take place in Descanso, CA.


Energy Exchange:  $200 for 90 minutes



Forest Oracle Testimonial


“All my life I have been drawn to knowledge of the energy that surrounds us. Every chance I could get at a fair or Carnival or metaphysical store I would always get a reading done. So when I heard of the Forest Oracle Erin Rivera Merriman, I could not pass up the opportunity to experience her gift. I arrived at Elder Farm just as Erin was finishing up a session with another client. This gave me 5 minutes to embrace my surroundings and take a few deep breaths and walk the path that led to the space she had set up for me to have my experience. Elder Farm itself makes you feel magical almost as soon as you enter the gates. There is a warm and natural feeling that occurs as soon as you get out of your car. There's no city noise and it gives you the feeling of stepping out of the rat race even if just for a couple of hours.

As I walked down the winding path leading to the Oracle I was taking in my beautiful surroundings and thinking about what I really wanted to accomplish in the session. I had been thinking for days about answers and questions and what should be answered and what should not be answered but nothing prepared me for the session I was about to have. Erin greeted me amongst the trees. She is a petite woman and I swear if you squint your eyes just right she would have fairy wings. She is as beautiful as Mother Earth and you can feel the age of her soul although you wouldn't be able to guess her age if you tried. She could have told me she was 21 or 50 and I would have believed her. She is not a flashy woman but possesses an undeniable elegance. I had met Erin twice before but this was the first time I really saw her. She is clearly in her element surrounded by the forest. We were covered and concealed by Oaks that had formed a circle over at least a century. It was nothing short of something you would see in a fairyland. I felt like I had entered the Seelie Court and all of my senses became hyper aware of the energy flowing around us. When we sat down on the blanket it was easy to see that Erin was already connecting with the energy around us and within me. Almost instantly she answered one of my questions that I had not yet asked. It was clear to me at that moment this wasn't your typical carnival gypsy. For lack of a better description Erin became extraterrestrial.

Over the next few hours we spoke of many topics that I had been wanting to receive answers regarding, including to know if I was on the right path, to clarify what I am capable of, the abilities of myself and my daughters, my own strengths and weaknesses, the potential for my family, the energies that surround me, and my spirit guides. She was also able to clearly identify an amazing sisterhood around me and put to ease some of my deepest insecurities. She reminded me of my strengths; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We touched on my past lives and how old my soul is and all of the sudden so many aspects of my life went from murky waters to crystal clear. For over 2 hours we were buzzing on such an amazing frequency. I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. Even though I knew we had been there too long, or maybe it was just the right amount of time, when our session ended I felt relieved and excited and rested and energized and INSPIRED! I felt if I stayed any longer I might just find the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe... but like I said earlier not all questions are meant to be answered.

When we parted ways and I walked the emerald green path of new grass growing back to my car I experienced such peace. When I finally got into my car to drive away I felt like I had just received a spiritual massage. I was so relaxed I didn't even turn on my radio. I simply listened to the sound of the of the wind as I drove home. I am still processing all the information I received and even more connections are being made as I continue to relive the session in my mind. I hope I am in a position to experience this again some day. Erin is such an enigma and yet so simply open. She made me feel totally relaxed and welcomed into the space she had created. I feel so blessed to have had this moment in my life. Thank you so much Forest Oracle Erin!”

~Summer, Descanso, CA