At the age of 12, Erin began lucid dreaming and developed advanced techniques for dealing with her frequent nightmares. Since then, she has been studying dream techniques from around the world. She has a dedicated daily active dreaming practice, and is passionate about bringing equal attention and awareness to all of the known and achievable liminal realms of consciousness for the purpose of both healing herself and others, and experiencing life as a wonderful adventure.

At Bridge Temple we practice The Art of Lens Keeping, which is the ability to perceive and honor the truth of 2 or more realities ( lineages, beliefs, mythologies ) simultaneously. We consider the art of conscious dreaming, also known as Active Dreaming, to be the master lens- the most powerful tool we have for developing our capacity for multidimensional awareness. With a few easy to apply practices, we can spend up to 10 hours of every day in deep self inquiry, healing, and adventure, making conscious dreaming an ideal practice for anyone who thinks they don’t have time for a practice. 

We like to call it the lazy man/woman’s path to liberation, because your doing all the work while you sleep, and it takes just a few extra minutes a day to pause to decipher the messages! Dream School is a 4 Week Mini Series that brings together over 20 years of research on different ways of developing this talent into a powerful and reliable tool for self discovery. 




Have you ever dreamed of an event before it happened? Connected with a deceased loved one in a dream? We are all born with the innate ability to tap into the vast source of information and power that is the collective unconscious, but we must develop it with practice and dedication in order to master the skill and dependably use it for personal growth, healing, and decision making. 

In this 4 week series, we will experience the benefits of being a part of a dedicated dream sharing community. Together, we will explore practical means of increasing dream recall, herbs for dreaming, techniques for deciphering the messages, and shamanic journeys to the in between realms of consciousness to make contact with dreamtime ally’s and guides.


Dream school is offered

twice a year in san diego, ca. 




"I am completely overcome with love and gratitude towards Erin. The Shamanic Dreaming class changed my life more than I thought was possible! It opened up a whole other world to me and gave me so many answers to questions I’ve had my whole life in this body. I feel as if a whole new spectrum of colors has entered my life. This was exactly what I needed during this time, and is a milestone for my spiritual journey, bringing so much clarity to things that were so vague to me before. As I write, I still find it hard to communicate the deep appreciation I have for Erin and her teachings. Thank you for creating this opportunity for myself and the others in the class- the growth I have experienced and the things that have (and will) come to light are immeasurable. I have had such extraordinary experiences since the class ended. Erin is an amazing teacher and true being of light. Thank you Erin for so effortlessly supporting each one of us in honoring the wishes of the soul."

~ Jess, Encinitas CA 2015

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