Janelle Pietrzak

Occupation: Textile Artist

 Aspiration:   I am still figuring this out. I recently left my career in the Fashion Industry after 10 years.  Who knows, I may go back to it one day. Right now, I barely know what I want to be next month! I feel lucky to be able to be doing what I am doing right now, and I appreciate it as a learning experience - and I am excited to where this road will take me! 

 Tell us something that not everyone knows about you? My dad was in the Navy, so we moved a lot while I was growing up.  I was born in Japan and them moved to the states, only to move all over the country. I think because of this my life is a little nomadic. I have lived in 8 different states. I keep thinking I'll get settled somewhere, but then I get the itch to move again. 

                                 Active Culture Family + Janelle Pietrzak One of a kind wall hanging

                                 Active Culture Family + Janelle Pietrzak One of a kind wall hanging

Favorite Designers (or artists): I love to look at Tsumori Chisato, Kapital, Mina Pheronen, Daniela Gregis, Ermie...For artists Judith Scott is so good. A.J. Fosik blows my mind. 

Favorite albums to listen to in the studio right now? I listen to a lot of NPR in the studio.  I need music suggestions! Robert and I just got a record player, so we have been having fun record shopping.  I love picking random things from the dollar bin.  Old folk, surf or psychedelic music is good. Or music from India, Japan or Mexico.  We literally sit by the record player taking turns playing each other records - we don't get out much. 

 We love the rustic welded arrows in your work- Tell us how you and co-owner Robert met?  Thank you! Robert made them for me as a present last year.  Robert and I met at a vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia.  I was his apprentice for months before we decided that we might like each other.  It was the summertime, and we used to ride our motorcycles along the Delaware River until the sun came up. 

 Most Significant Piece of Jewelry You Own and Why? I have two modest gold rings that were my grandmother's, one has a row of teeny diamonds and the other a row of teeny amethysts. Those are my favorite to stack together because they were her rings.  Also, they are dainty and feel so feminine on. 

 Favorite thing about the west coast so far? The ever changing landscapes inspire me and motivate me to explore more.  Our list of places to visit in California is huge!

 We loved all your pieces for Urban Outfitters. What’s next for All Roads?

Thank you, that was a fun project. We recently made a loom kit that comes with a pattern and yarn - everything you need to make a finished weaving.  They are available online at anthropology.com.  Next we are working on two large installations for a resort in Aruba.  



Erin and Janelle created the above wall hanging together for WOW (Weavers of The Web) a collaborative art show that opened at The Platform, a San Diego co-operatively owned experimental art space. Click Here to view the complete collection. 

Learn more about All Roads Market at www.allroadsdesign.com