Name: Carly Jo Morgan

Occupation: Artist / Birth Doula / Mama / Jewelry Designer  

Aspiration:  Freedom / Ecstatic Peace!

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you? 

I sucked my thumb untill I was twelve.

Who are your favorite artists?  Emma Kunz and  Pedro Friedeberg

Complete the following sentences :

Art is important because: it allows me  to create uplifting symbols to remind myself when I am feeling lost. Hopefully others come in contact with them and find the meaning they need at any given moment. 

When I like a piece of art, It makes me: wanna go make something!

Our all time favorite AFTM piece is your celebrated “mothership” boob necklace- can you talk a little bit about what the idea of the mothership means to you?

I created this collection for all the women in my life that were becoming mothers. It is supposed to resemble a breast and a UFO.  The Mothership is a vessel that guides and carries smaller vessels, usually for the purpose of inquiry and exploration. It is a concept, which I use as a symbol of the collective conscience form, which we, as individuals, draw creativity and inspiration from. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts, and as we take direction from the source, we weave a web that operates as a unifying force for all. The "Mother" represents a specific feminine, maternal, intuitive energy.  The ideas and insight that spring from this matrix bring us balance, strength, and renewal.  I met a woman recently who was wearing the Mothership necklace and she told me she'd met several women because they were wearing the same necklace and that was connecting her to a new amazing tribe.  That was the intention!  Its the only thing I've ever made that feels like it really possesses a special power/ energy to bring people together, which is always my goal. 

Favorite things about your neighborhood?

Hikes, ocean breezes, pre-made egg burritos and canyon characters at Mimosa Cafe, loud music on windy roads, parrots, howling coyotes, sunny days but still a need for the wood burning stove at night. 

3 women you admire and why?

Ana Paula Markel.  A passionate birth advocate / owner of BiniBirth.  She trained me to be a birth doula and changed my life as I entered this new chapter as a mother.  

Emma Kunz because she used her creativity to download symbols using a pendulum and to heal. You Erin! For your collaborative visions.

Books/ albums you love?

currently reading Crazy Wisdom by Chogyam Trungpa currently feeling "Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants" by Stevie Wonder , "Sterntaler" Michael Rother for inspirational instrumentals "Young Mona Lisa" by Ryan Garbes - when I want to go deep into the zone."Songles" Karl Blau", "Bougez, Bougez" by Franco - so fun to bounce to with my daughter-She loves it!

Any good dreams lately?  Since Cookie Jo was born, I haven't been dreaming at all in my sleep . . . maybe because we are getting none! ;)

What projects can we look forward to from AFTM in 2014?

I'm about to release a book called THE SACRED DOOR which I worked on this past year through my pregnancy. It is dedicated to our newborn daughter, Cookie Jo. Knowing she was on her way, I set out to tell a the tale of a magical quest that could convey all the lessons I've learned throughout my life that I want to share with her.  It started out as a children's book, but I now realize it is a spiritual journey for all ages of the New Age.  The Sacred Door will be in print very soon!


Erin created the above Peace Portal as a metal wall hanging based on Carly Jo's singular painting style as part Peace River a collection of collaborative wall hangings by various artists. Click Here to view the whole collection. 

View more of Carly's work and purchase "The Sacred Door" at